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holy crap!!!

I just had a baby two weeks ago today. While giving birth, I didn't tear at all (surprisingly enough) yet I got two hemmoroids. My grundle has been sore as heck since then, compounded with my pelvic bones rubbing together (it's quite painful) I lost all urge to go poo.

I didn't realize how long it had been until I went to wipe after going pee and noticed that there was a turd crammed in me that was so large, it was puffing out and blocking my vaginal opening from the inside! I tried to go then and there, but it was all hard and dried out - not to mention the soreness from my hemmoroids and grundle. So nothing was happening.

Well, tonight had been the two-week mark of having my son, and I suddenly got the poo urge. I went in the can. It took me a good half-hour to let my sore and weakened rectal muscles ease that bricklike turd from my colon. I jumped off the pot to get a look (and who DOESN'T like to look at their rectal sculptures??!) and was amaed at the beauty of it.

There it lay... a thin slick of blood glazing the exterior, like some fine ceramic pottery in a shop. It broke into two pieces due to the length, but all together it was about 14 inches long and the circumference was roughly 5 inches give-or-take. My anal masterpiece.

I wanted to take a photo of it to put in my son's babybook or something labeled something like: "This hurt me more."
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